My farm is comprised of four fields: the Front Field, Upper Field, Lower Field and Back Field.

For whatever reasons, the Lower Field was a big disappointment last summer and fall. The viable crops I was able to harvest from it were carrots, kale, broccoli raab, zucchini, mustard greens, Sardinian radishes & rutabagas. Many of the rows had blank sections and some seed failed to germinate at all.

Because of this I focused my attention on it as soon as the soil could be worked.

I use a vintage Farmall Super A tractor. Its strongest forte is cultivation due to two separate hydraulic zones: one in the belly and one behind it.


Because of its versatillity, I was able to prepare the entire Lower Field using only cultivators. Disking plowing and the like were unnecessary.

A few passes with the tractor resulted in well-formed rows. I experimented a lot with different configurations of cultivators: Danish reversible shanks in two pairs, combining a pair of discs with two cultivators & just the discs alone. For the final pass I used a chain drag to smooth the top of the rows.


I know there are many detractors of the tractor out there, but it is an amazing labor saving device and the Farmall especially has qualities to reduce the danger of compacting the soil. Sweeps or spring tooth harrows can be attached behind the rear wheels to fluff the soil in the tractor path.

Yesterday was an epic day on the farm. I planted 2200 row feet of carrots, leeks, turnips, salsify, radishes and beets.  According to the step meter on my phone I walked over five miles. How great is the farming lifestyle, preparing pure clean food outdoors in the fresh air!

Dominic Carpin
delli Carpini Farm
Raising pure, clean food in accordance with organic sustainable principles