Last year I was farming in the district of Beaverdam on Trainham Road. I made a lot of friends there and one of them was an old fashioned farmer that swore by his almanac. He lent it to me and before doing so read me the entire section on the month of August day by day.

I started honoring the practice of planting by the moon. It’s an interesting way to farm. If nothing else it adds discipline and structure to the work. There are different times for different tasks: planting above ground crops, seed beds and transplanting, root crops and during the barren phase all of your cultivating and hopefully destruction of pests and weeds.

Last summer I planted a tremendous amount of summer squash using this principle. As you may know squash bug is a terrible pest of this family of vegetables. My plantings lasted almost 12 weeks before succumbing to squash bugs. I was harvesting upwards of six bushels a week from a 200-foot row. I think that is pretty amazing.